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Erik Brown


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Erik Brown began his musical career with the bass guitar in the mid 1980's performing and recording in Washington DC. After a move to Seattle Erik began serious study of Arabic percussion in 2003 after a ground breaking lesson with master percussionist Souhail  Kaspar. As an eternal student he has continued to study with many master percussionists including Faisel Zedan, Said el Artist, Issam Houshan Karim Nagi, Uncle Mafufo , and Tobias Roberson to name a few. Today, Erik is one of the most sought after player in the northwest, and he’s renowned for his ability to connect with dancers during live performances. As the tablah player for the “House of Tarab” ensemble Erik strives to represent an authentic sound in Arabic music.



Full on Effect: Hymns for the Revolution, Bass
Lopan: Lopan, Bass
Pangia: Vol 4, Tablah, Riqq, Duff
House of Tarab: House of Tarab, Tablah, Daholla, Duff
House of Tarab: Beledi, Tablah, Daholla, Duff, Muzhar, Zils
Sonolumina: Solar Logos, Tablah, Riq, Duff

Belly Dance Live, Bass, Tablah, Riq, Duff
Billion Belly March, Tablah
Combinations With Delilah, Tablah
H.O.T Live: Tablah
Belly Dance Power & Passion, Tablah
Power Belly Show Episodes 1- 40, Bass, Cumbus, Tablah, Riq, Duff, Dohollah, Tabl, Muzhar, Gong, Chimes, Hookah, Samples, Loops

DVD Music Credits with H.O.T:
By Dancers for Dancers Vol 6
Raks Nativity
Flawless Floor Work
Combinations with Ruby




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