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Stephen Elaimy

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Stephen Elaimy is the founding member of ‘House of Tarab’ and has been playing the oud since 1998. Stephen began studying the oud with a great Egyptian player, Morice Rauman, who gave him a strong foundation in Arabic music theory and style during several years of lessons. Stephen has also had the opportunity to study with other great oud players such as Simon Shaheen, Naser Musa, Dr. Scott Marcus, Haig Manoukian, Necati Celic, Dr. Alfred Gamal, and Rachid Halhaili.

Stephen has performed at numerous festivals, bellydance shows, retreats, cultural events and parties. He appreciates working with the amazing and dedicated musicians and friends in ‘House of Tarab’ and seeks to develop and share the art of the oud and traditional Arabic music.











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